coming back.
Lately, I (Taryn) have been feeling uninspired. I'm not dedicating the time to this roleplay that I should be and it's unfair to potential and current members. I'm so happy that people found interest in this rp and connected with characters and I'm sorry that I couldn't really make this an rp that you all deserved. I plan to redo this, on a smaller scale, in the future and it will be far more than this ever was. To all of the members that were in the rp, you are all great and I really want to thank you for keeping this going. I really am glad to call you guys my friends. I don't want to make this super melodramatic and shit, but just thank you and I hope that there are no hard feelings in closing this. You're free to keep the characters because I consider them yours now. I'm really sorry for anyone that is made really upset by this, but know I've been thinking about it for a while, it wasn't something I just decided to do. If you want to keep in contact, feel free to exchange info in the ooc and I hope everyone can keep in touch!